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Getupfront v FC Tigers 11th Sep 2016
September 17, 2016, 11:39 am
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New beginnings eh? Don’t you just love them. A time for optimism and renewed hope.   A time when the phrase “It’ll be different this time” doesn’t sound hollow. There are of course many examples of new starts throughout popular culture. Take Star Wars for instance, or Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope to give it its full title, probably the best loved of the saga’s films with its theme of the resurrection of a force for good and the hope of a better future.

Football of course is also a perfect platform for new beginnings. What fan doesn’t get that whiff of excitement come the first day of the new season when a ball has yet to be kicked, destinies are yet to be played out and everyone starts again on the same amount of points (i.e. zero). And what about the buzz you get when your team has made a clutch of new signings just in time for the new season’s  opening weekend? Where will they play? How will they play? What chant will they get dedicated to them?

Football history is littered with examples of new teams being built out of the ashes of those who went before. We all know about Fergie and his rebuilding of Man Utd with about 3 different teams. My personal favourite though is when my beloved Chelsea were rebuilt in the Summer of 1983 with 6 new players brought in who led the club to promotion and the 2nd division title.

And what has all this got to do with Getupfront? Well our boys experienced their own new beginning last weekend when their starting five featured not one but TWO brand new recruits to the cause! The  “Faithful 5” squad of Taylor, Robson, Bayliss and Luke and Tony Ward had been stretched to breaking point – indeed the team had not played since July due to absences that had decimated the tiny pool of players. There had even been talk of – gulp! – packing it all in!


Only Tony Ward and Richard Bayliss are old enough to remember these guys

Cometh the hour though cometh Pete (Tony Ward’s mate) and Lee (Jay Robson’s cousin), a double act that was only 2 letters away from being a schmaltzy pop duo from the 70s.

Game 1: Getupfront 2-7 FC Tigers

The decision was made to put both newcomers in the starting line-up meaning Tony Ward and Bayliss were left on the sidelines thereby knocking a combined 99 years off the age of the team at one stroke.  In an unlikely move, Jay Robson surrendered his normal lone striker role and Getupfront began with Lee as the man up top. The new formation brought immediate dividends with Robson skating through the opposition defence to score the opener and put the boys one up! A new beginning indeed! However, this brave new world soon turned out to be a false dawn as FC Tigers took control of the game and rattled in 3 goals by half time. The only other Getupfront highlight came when Robson tanked a strike right into the ref’s head. Ouch!

Half time: Getupfront 1-3 FC Tigers

The 2nd half didn’t bring a reverse in the fortunes for our heroes. Despite no lack of effort the boys were unable to prevent 4 more goals being shipped with only a solitary strike by the ever industrious Luke Ward in reply.


Jim Royle gives his verdict on Getupfront

A new beginning my arse!

Full time: Getupfront 2-7 FC Tigers

Game 2: Getupfront 4-6 FC Tigers

The break between games brought the usual discussion about what was going wrong – this week’s theory was that the boys were not pressing the opposition enough. So with renewed intention to “press” more than Johnsons Dry Cleaners on Clough Road or at least as much as Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp, Getupfront went to battle again.

The pressing thing seemed to be working as the match ebbed and flowed but crucially with our heroes staying in the game. A well taken debut goal from Lee and another smart finish from Luke Ward meant that half time came with only one goal in it.

Half time: Getupfront 2-3 FC Tigers

The night’s final half saw that new beginning feeling on the rise again as Getupfront equalised and then took the lead within a 2 minute period. First, Richard Bayliss, inspired by reading his 80s hero Kerry Dixon’s autobiography in the week, found a clever reverse shot into the corner after being set up by Luke Ward and then Jay Robson fired in a fierce pile-driver after being set up by a quickly taken free kick by Bayliss. GET IN!

At  this point player – manager Bayliss, believing his work was done, subbed himself for the night and was not on court to see his dreams of a long awaited victory disappear under a weight of attacks from FC Tigers that turned the match on its head. Three goals without reply meant Bayliss* and Getupfront  had to experience that sinking feeling yet again.

Full time: Getupfront 4-6 FC Tigers

*To be fair to Bayliss, this management lark and the whole process of picking players isn’t that easy. Even the greats get it wrong sometimes…



How they rated

Stuart Taylor

Goals: N/A

Rating: 7/10

Comment: A new beginning for his team but Stu remains as solid as ever even pulling off a penalty save in the 2nd game. Players may come and go but Taylor really is irreplaceable.



Goals: 0

Rating: 7/10

Comment: Looked to be a decent player. Never tried to hide, comfortable in possession and delivered a few killer passes. Unfortunately his performance was somewhat curtailed by being hit by the ball right in his nads early on! Welcome to the team Pete!


Richard Bayliss

Goals: 1

Rating: 7/10 

Comment: No 5 goal heroics this time but you know what – he wasn’t half bad again. Well – he wasn’t useless which in the case of the player- manager is definite progress. Even managed to squeeze himself onto the score sheet once more.


Tony Ward

Goals: 0

Rating: 6/10

Comment: Poor old Tone didn’t really do himself justice as he was coming back from not one but two injuries ( probably a week or two too early ). Only managed intermittent game time and nothing at all in the final half of the 2nd game. He will come back stronger and remains the only Getupfront player ever to pick up an injury whilst doing nothing on holiday.


Luke Ward

Goals: 2

Rating: 8/10 MOTM

Comment: Its about time Ward the younger got proper recognition for what he does in the team. Ran his socks of and took his goals well. Take a bow Luke.


Jay Robson

Goals: 2

Rating: 7/10

Comment: Pretty good stuff from Robson despite operating from a much deeper position than normal. Could it be that Jay is going down the Wayne Rooney route of switching from striker to midfield as the years catch up with him? Exactly how old are you anyway Jay?



Goals: 1

Rating: 7/10

Comment: Promising performance. Played the whole game up top and was rewarded for his endeavours with a debut goal. Could Lee be another goal threat to take the weight of  responsibility from Robson?



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