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Getupfront vs FC Tigers 3rd July 2016
July 15, 2016, 9:48 pm
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Sometimes football narrative just writes itself. Take this game for instance. Not only does it feature the usual thrills, spills, goals and ineptitude (yes I’m looking at you Richard Bayliss), but this week it also had that classic story plot of the returning hero. Oh and not forgetting a first look at a potential new one as well.

These are troubled times for Getupfront and especially for player -manager Bayliss who is overseeing an omni-shambles we have not seen the like of since Brexit. However, just like Jeremy Corbyn he is refusing to resign. But in scenes reminiscent of Kevin Keegan rocking up at Newcastle for a 3rd time, there returned to the fold a figure not seen for many a long month.

The last time former manager Mike Lines had played for Getupfront, people were still expecting Leicester City’s title bid to falter.

“Who did  you say? Mike Lines? Oh the likeable scouser?”

“No – that’s Mike Ewen. Mike Lines! Linesy!”

“Oh come on people! MIKE LINES!”

“Oh himmmm! But he retired didn’t he?”

“Well yes kind of… but now he’s back!”

Well anyway despite his reappearance causing his former team mates to launch into a chorus of “Who the f*****g Hell are you? Who the f*****g Hell are you?”, Mike “Side” Lines had to be satisfied with starting on the bench whilst Bayliss asserted his leadership by assuming his usual place in defence in the starting line up.

But wait…who was that deceptively fresh faced newbie also lining up in Getupfront red? Why its only Blake Mace!


STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! We’re not gong there again.

Blake Mace (for it is he) was once the rising young star of the University team AS Kickers but who had since lost his way and fell out of love with football. Think David Bentley.

Who was David Bentley? This was David Bentley!

Unlike Bentley, Mace had not retired for good and after some cajoling / unseemly begging by work colleague Bayliss, had agreed to turn out for this grand old team with an emphasis on the old.


Blake Mace in classic new signing pose

Could this injection of new and not so new faces add some zest to the decidedly ragged looking faithful 5 who had been comprehensively beaten over and over recently?

Game 1 Getupfront 3-6 FC Tigers

The new look outfit was proving as successful a formula as the Chris Evans led Top Gear team as FC Tigers sped into a 3-0 lead by half time. Mace was full of running but was taking his time in adjusting to his new team mates. And the prodigal Lines? Cometh the hour …

Half time Getupfront 0-3 FC Tigers

…cometh more of the same. Despite the introduction of the former manager, the scoreboard showed little signs of doing a U-turn as the score rattled along to 0-6. And then the moment arrived, the moment that turned the clock back to happier times, the moment we all thought we would never see again….MIKE LINES SCORED A STUNNER! Picking up a loose ball somewhere near the half way line, Lines advanced, looked up, swung his leg and unleashed a rocket into the far corner. “Get that in the blog!” Lines hollered in triumph. This blogger’s work is done on that score.

Inspired by Lines, the rest of the Getupfronters finally woke up and started playing. Indeed Jay Robson wasn’t having his place as main goalscorer undermined by that upstart Lines and banged in 2 goals of his own to bring some respectability to the final score. Could the tide finally be turning for our heroes?

Full time Getupfront 3-6 FC Tigers

Game 2 Getupfront 6-9 FC Tigers

With the boys seemingly having rediscovered that most precious of footballing commodities  – namely GOALS – the 2nd game saw then score more in one match than they had at any time in the last 4 months. But the 2nd game didn’t start out like that and with poor Stuart Taylor in the nets not being given adequate protection by his defence, his goal was breached 4 times before the break. A sole Jay Robson goal was the only reply from Getupfront. Gulp!

Half time Getupfront 1-4 FC Tigers

The 2nd half however was truly bonkers with the boys effectively securing a 5-5 draw . After being as far behind as 1-5, there followed a period of play that rolled back the years to the days when games were actually won! A four goal salvo without reply gave FC Tigers a massive scare as the scoreboard showed 5-5 at one point.

5-5 you say? Here’s another memorable 10 goals thriller from back in the day… 

Jay Robson scored a magnificent brace within seconds of each other whilst Mike Lines scored the goal of the night. Some great hold up play by Tony Ward in the corner (no really!) saw the ball worked out to Lines on the edge of the box. A smart one-two with Blake Mace saw Mike finish from an acute angle. Glorious doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Unused to being level and (whisper it) going for a winner, the boys were caught on the break a further four times and those gaps were clinically exploited by FC Tigers. Despite another Lines goal before the end, it was another (albeit noble) defeat.

Full time Getupfront 6-9 FC Tigers

How they rated:

Stuart Taylor: 

Goals: N/A

Rating: 7/10

Comment: Solid as ever – will be pleased that he managed to improve the goals against column significantly


Richard Bayliss: 

Goals: 0

Rating 6/10

Comment: Nishters, nada, zilch – however you say it, there really was nothing to say again about this anonymous performance.


Tony Ward: 

Goals: 0

Rating : 7/10

Comment: Tony’s highlight this week was his assisting role in the goal of the game when he held up the ball for what seemed like 3 days before releasing Mace to play in Lines.


Mike Lines

Goals: 4

Rating: 8/10

Comment: He’s back, back, BACK!! Provided the goal threat to take the weight off Jay Robson’s shoulders as main goalscorer. But will it prove to be a swan song or a second coming? MOTM


Jay Robson: 

Goals: 5

Rating: 8/10

Comment: Playing his last game before his nuptials, Jay showed no “cold feet” – indeed his 5 goal haul proved they were “red hot”


Blake Mace

Goals: 0

Rating 7/10

Comment: Energetic debut from the boy Mace. Took a while to get going but promises to be a useful acquisition to the squad especially if he can add goals to his game.


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