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May 19, 2016, 9:28 pm
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Now then what’s this? Getupfront actually playing a game of football? Having played just once in the last 2 months, the boys were finally back in action. So long had it been since an appearance at the Pro Soccer centre that you would have forgiven the staff there for copying the Chelsea fans that chanted “We forgot that you were here!” when Pato finally made his debut for the Blues.

Talking of debuts, last time out Aaron Barwick  made his for Getupfront but in the intervening weeks, Mr Angry had already announced his retirement no doubt apoplectic with rage that he had been asked to play on a day with a “y” in it.

Game 1: Getupfront 4-3 KVFC

With player manager Bayliss delayed by a temperamental PDQ machine at Reception, the game kicked off with Tony Ward fulfilling the “old giffer” role for the boys. Opponents KVFC have a good record against our lads including a 14-8 cup semi final win back in Jan. However, revenge seemed an unlikely prospect in game 1 as KVFC took an early  2-0 lead.


Even angrier than Jay was this Sunderland fan who has just woken up after a night on the lash and seen the tattoo his mates had done for him whist he was out for the count.

Despite being without Angry Aaron, Getupfront did have another player incandescent with rage in Jay Robson who was decidedly miffed about his beloved Newcastle Utd having been relegated in the week and was running around furiously up top. Powered by his seething sense of injustice, Jay singlehandedly showed those namby pamby millionaire playboy wasters at St James Park how to do it when he skewered an excellent solo goal.

Half time: Getupfront 1 – 2 KVFC

With Stu Taylor pulling off save after spectacular save, Getupfront were level in the 2nd half when Jay “man possessed” Robson struck again after some good support play from genial scouser Mike Ewen. But then…a personal disaster for young Luke Ward when he inadvertently deflected a KVFC shot past keeper Taylor to register an own goal. Gulp! Undeterred  and without needing a reassuring hug from his Dad Tony, Luke dusted himself down and was soon back in the action playing in Jay Robson to round the keeper and strike a second equaliser.


No its not Tony Ward commiserating with son Luke, its Eidur Gudjohnsen replacing his Dad Aarnor for Iceland!

As the timer counted down the last few seconds, pandemonium broke out on the court as Ewen found himself on the corner of the area with time to line up a shot. Only Mike will know if he meant what transpired but instead of hitting the back of the net his effort found Jay Robson for a simple tap in. BOOM! The timer showed 0:00 and KVFC appealed that Robson was in the orange box when he applied the crucial touch and the goal should not have stood but it mattered not a jot. The ref indicated a GOAL! and Getupfront had a precious victory.

Full time: Getupfront 4 – 3 KVFC

Game 2: Getupfront 3-10 KVFC

Ah… the 2nd game…what about the 2nd game you say? Was there a 2nd game this week?Nah don’t think there was…..*everyone involved in the 2nd game gets off sharpish*

How they rated

Stuart Taylor (GK)

The supreme custodian of the nets, Stu was his usual committed self with plenty of “FFS”s every time a shot did get past him. Unlike John McEnroe I don’t think he was taking to himself though!

Richard Bayliss (Player Manager)

Played his usual game…meaning he hung around the back keeping himself to himself and occasionally got in the opposition’s way. Oh wait…wait… there was one other thing…he somehow managed to be the only player other than Jay Robson to score when he turned home the last Getupfront goal of the night in the 2nd game from point blank range. 7/10

Tony Ward

He turned up, he man-marked furiously, he went home. 7/10

Luke Ward

Not Luke’s best night with his only goal being that of the “own” variety but as ever he was combative and full of purpose when in possession of the ball. Can someone remember to point him the right direction next week though.7/10

Mike Ewen

Mike assured Dickiebliss in the car on the way home that he made at least two (count ’em) assists during the course of the night. Two assists…hmm…whats the going rate for an assist these days? *sound of the Dickiebliss 5-a-side bible being thumbed* OK – for that Mike you can have …8/10

Jay Robson

Someone should wind Jay up every week if this is how he performs when he’s angry. He’s like a footballing Hulk… the opposition don’t like him when he’s angry 9/10 MOTM

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