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Kickers 2 – 19 Equipe Ruby, Kickers 2 – 9 Equipe Ruby
December 16, 2013, 9:57 pm
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Click and play this before reading any further….

Welcome to the Dickiebliss Gallery  – a repository for interactive Kickers related resources. Wonder at the cutting edge art nouveau installations, be amazed at the bewildering array of….oh OK its just some Youtube clips of last weeks Kickers futsal match…enjoy….

First up a clip which sees the lads go one down almost immediately – bit like varnish this goal – lovely finish

Oh this is fabulous – not the action which is fairly non-descript but the commentary from those two old giffers Tony Ward and Richard Bayliss is priceless – Tony recounts his current ailment but Bayliss won’t be outdone in the pathetic injuries stakes

More unintentional hilarity from Tony Ward on the sidelines – this time his words of encouragement sound like he’s taking his dogs for a walk – “Come on boys…come on” …marvellous. As for the action, Luke Ward manages to get a shot on target (as his Dad inevitably confirms for him) and at the end of the clip Michael Latham shows how to deal with gallic fancy footwork although he seems as surprised as anyone that it worked.

Now then – some genuinely arty stuff here as the French lads score again – not sure which is more artistic, their finely crafted goal or  the unusual camera angle  – check it out.

From top end high art to well… the ridiculous – some top drawer slapstick goalkeeping from John Kelly

Finely! Some footage of Equipe Ruby that doesn’t end up in a goal against the Kickers  – in fact its indisputable evidence that they are human after all!

This is how you do it…nearly. Aaron Barwick shows the French boys the way with his volleying technique.

And so we come to the end of the exhibition and as we do, also to the end of this little stint of Kickers vs Equipe Ruby matches as the French lads have packed up and gone home for Christmas. And it has been a truly life affirming experience. A group of (mostly) young men meeting up each week to exchange different cultures and ideas. The Kickers for their part gave the French lads a shining example of togetherness in very difficult conditions whilst their gallic counterparts gave the Kickers…well a good hammering each week mostly. But this final week they gave the Kickers one other thing…the Man of the match award. Yes, in an unexpected twist, Dickiebliss asked Matthias the French captain to nominate a Kickers MotM and after consulting with his teammates, I can announce that the winner is…..

*drum roll*


Many congratulations to Luke who wins a free two hour coaching session with his Dad Tony….oh….

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