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The Kickers 20 – 2 Zulu Warriors
April 18, 2013, 8:43 pm
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Ah yes…the prologue. Do you recall Up Pompeii the 70’s sitcom starring Frankie Howerd? His character Lurcio always began each episode with a prologue – a “to camera” piece that was seldom concluded and often interrupted. I think I know how he felt…who’s this coming to interrupt my flow now? Oh God it’s that dreadful Mickeyfliss bloke…

Exit Dickiebliss stage left, enter Mickeyfliss stage right…

Act One

Due to recent mutterings from players WAGs Dickiebliss has felt the pressure and stepped aside once more from this week’s blog.

What a week to miss!  After a long (and at many points) rambling email build up it was time for the Kickers to once more don the white journeys of destiny and for Hoole to once more don his England “its just that bit bigger” shirt.

If looking at the scoreline you’d think the performance of the team was the highlight of the game, you’d be sadly mistaken.  No it was the sintilating warm up.  People stood aghast as the much maligned, but this reporter believes undervalued, Mike Ewen struck fear into the opposition smashing shot after shot into the (empty) net.

So imagine the fear the opposition must have felt when they noticed Ewen was starting from the bench

Starting V:                                                      Moore


Barwick                    Hoole                  Kirk

Bench: Ewen

Only one sub? Yep Tony “I’ll defo be there, maybe” Ward was nowhere to be scene come kick off!

Act Two

So to the match:  We scored lots of goals they didn’t score many

Act Three



Quiet game for Moore who had very little to do but what he had to do he did  very well.  I’ve never seen a finer display of picking the ball out of the net than that.  And not once…but twice!  Pulled off some top quality point blank saves to keep the score low.

Score: 7


One of Bayliss’ finest performances to date in an AS shirt.  Constantly looking for space, moving the ball quickly and even bagged himself a hat trick!! Whatttttt? I hear you ask. Yep Rich showed poise, guile and clinicity (might not be a real word) to bag 3 goals

Score 8


With the aforementioned WAG wondering if Barwick was being bullied by his fellow Kickers, Aaron was out to make a point and stamp his authority on the game.  He certainly did that – another hat-trick hero for the Kickers but this only tells half the story.  Barwick was always on the look out for the ball and can sleep safe in the knowledge that at least one of his teammates appreciates him *friends*

Score: 8


Following a barrage of emails questioning this player’s mental state prior to the game he was keen to get going and after bagging an early goal settled into a steady performance.  Gave the ball away a few times, won it back a few times, passed it a few times, shouted more than a few times.  Basically sums it up.

Score: 7


What? He turned up?  Well you could say that.  Once more accompanied by his boo boy, Tony arrived 5 minutes late and after a quick change was ready for his introduction.  His first (non) touch of the game was to see the ball flight over his head for the oppos main threat (in that he scored) to score their first goal.  After that he improved…slightly.  And of course he scored didn’t he. Oh wait…what? He didn’t? This is awwwwwwwwwkward

Score:  6

Hoole and Kirk

And so to the glory boys.  This blogger was all set to give thes lads the glowing review their football deserved then he heard the comments “we were rubbish when we came off” and “lads you were really sloppy that last 5 minutes” I changed my mind.  There was a time when the Kickers were one team in perfect harmony. Everyone pulling in the same direction.  Then the divas happened.  This blogger was sure he saw Hoole arrive with a Louis Vuitton wash bag and oversized Dre headphones whilst Kirk’s demand for Moore to polish his boots was just pushing it.

But I suppose we have to be fair they did play well and score plenty of goals…….naaaa

Score:  2 (and they were lucky to get that)

Act Four

Summary:  Much was said after the game about the team not playing well. Ok they were disjointed in patches, and yes not every pass came off….but they won 20-2. It says a lot about how far the team have come that they are able to think along those lines!

Exit Mickeyfliss stage left, enter Dickiebliss stage right


Has he gone? Awful fellow. Where was I? Ah yes the prologue…….to be continued….

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