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The Kickers 18 – 1 Zulu Warriors
March 14, 2013, 9:09 pm
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Two in a week – now that ‘s what I call prolific (Fernando Torres would kill for such a strike rate).

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So in the unfortunate absence of one Dickie Bliss he asked me, his best pal Mickie Fliss to report on one of the biggest games of the week! Burnley vs Hull? Naaa, Barca vs AC? Don’t be silly. It was the mighty AS Kickers vs the unknown quantity that was Zulu Warriors.  Well, they were unknown until Rich told everyone they were rubbish

Was Rich Bayliss  playing despite his constant moaning about his aging legs?? No alas Bayliss couldn’t be there and was replaced with a player of similar ability in the form of Rich Kirk.

blog2Biggest shock of the night was still to come when Gary Moore, straight from everyone’s favourite LFC head coach’s school of management, approached the waiting team with 3 envelopes each apparently containing the name of a player that he thought would let him down in the remainder of the season.  Everyone was shocked to find he had put his own name in one and Mike Ewen’s name in the other two!  Safe to say he was proven right (with the latter anyway).

So anyway, to the game.  Having chosen the away strip of white we strode onto the pitch as one team united…oh wait Andy Hoole had chosen to wear his England shirt….which had his name on.  Few were shocked

With a vast squad of 8 to choose from Moore opted for an intimidating starting 5…and Mike Ewen

G. Moore
M. Ewen R. Kirk
A. Barwick
A. Hoole

Subs: T. Ward, P. Andrews, R. Sherratt
Fans: Two small children there solely to hopefully see their father fall over

The game started at a lightening pace with a goal in the first 10 seconds…..and another 20 seconds later.  After that essentially AS Kickers scored lots of goals, including one in their own goal.  All the AS Kickers scored?? Errrrrmm I think so…

Final Score 18-1


G Moore – 8

Marshalled the team fantastically, reffed the game superbly and pulled off a pair of padded pants in only the way Moore could.  Some good saves and saved his forward charges till the team were ahead by 16 goals!

M Ewen – 7

7? 7? “How much has he paid you” I hear you cry. Despite his severe lack of goals (this reporter was left to puzzle how one player could receive such poor service) Ewen had a hand in a few goals and to be fair kept trying.  Everyone loves a trier…don’t they?  He was megged at one stage.  Ok it’s a 2
R Kirk – 9

Having scored 12 goals against the Zulus last week, everyone’s favourite ringer *cough* I mean newest member of AS Kickers was thirsty for more…and safe to say he got them.  Providing more flicks than Tony Ward’s hair in his courting days, Rich mesmerised the poor opposition and had a hand in majority of the goals.  A cracking debut.  In fact this reporter’s only criticism was not providing M Ewen with enough good service.

A Barwick – 8

Another very tidy performance from the young gun.  Having heard reports of this lads supposed short fuse from my good mate Dickie, I was pleasantly surprised to see “Hot Head Barwick” keep his cool throughout the game.  Scored a fair few, created a fair few and fell on his sword numerous times to give others game time.   In fact this reporter’s only criticism was not providing M Ewen with enough good service.

A Hoole – 9

Can this kid stop scoring goals? Doesn’t look that way as Andy banged in (M Ewen’s) assist after assist.  Hardly breaking a sweat during the whole game Hoole opened up hoole after hoole in the opposition’s defence (don’t worry Dickie returns next week).   You can’t help but think how good this lad could be if he wore the Kickers kit.  In fact this reporter’s only criticism was not providing M Ewen with enough good service.

blog1T. Ward – 7
Despite receiving as much support from the side lines as Rafa Benitez, Tony Ward burst forth from the bench to add some real impetus into the team.  Scoring in both halves Tony looked comfortable on the ball and only gave the boo boys one chance to let rip when not controlling a pacey ball.  A solid performance and in fact this reporters only criticism was not providing M Ewen with enough good service.
P Andrews – 8

The phrase “playing in his slippers” could have been coined for this lad. Strolled through the game, barely shifting out of 2nd gear.  Luckily for the Kickers his 2nd gear is pretty darn decent! Scored and created plenty and was a faultless performa…oh wait he scored an own goal didn’t he. So close.  This reporters only criticism was not providing M Ewen with enough good service…and scoring an own goal.

R Sherratt – 7

The prodigal son remained this week and after a lengthy warm up session showed some great touches…in the pre match kick about.  It wasn’t long before Sherratt was introduced into the game and again he made an immediate impact adding to the teams attacking and defensive play.  In fact this reporters only criticism was not providing M Ewen with enough good service.

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Wow this guy’s a really talented journo

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