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The Kickers 2-0 Bosman Utd
May 31, 2012, 9:52 pm
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Football history is littered with examples of the “phoenix club” – the term that describes the formation of a club following the demise of an existing club.

Ticket sales were poor for “A Fan’s Club” opening night

The most famous exponent of this phenomenon is probably AFC Wimbledon who formed in the wake of the original Wimbledon FC’s disgraceful relocation to Milton Keynes and re-branding as the MK Dons. Starting in the 9th tier of the football league pyramid, AFC Wimbledon now ply their trade in Football League Two – the 4th tier – a remarkable rise that has taken just 10 years. They even made a stage show of the whole saga – no really – it’s called “A Fans’ Club” and played at the New Wimbledon Theatre (unsurprisingly).

Now I’m not suggesting the Kickers story that has unfolded in the last 2 weeks will be troubling Hollywood screenwriters anytime soon, but Dickiebliss has secured the services of an entertainment lawyer just in case.

Regular readers of the blog were gobsmacked at the resignation of Gary Moore as player/manager last week and the very existence of The Kickers looked uncertain. But from adversity comes re-birth and renewal and never was the Phoenix from the flames myth more apt.

Click below to see a classic Phoenix from the Flames clip – sorry Gary Moore!

For those not familiar with the legend, the phoenix was a bird with a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle (a bit like Tony Ward then) near the end of which it builds itself a nest which then ignites burning the bird to ashes from which a reborn phoenix can live again. Ahem  – Tony? Can you go and sit on that pile of twigs over there a minute? Quick – who’s got the matches?

And so it came to pass that  on Friday 25th May 2012, The Kickers were re-born from the ashes of Gary Moore’s self-destructing e-mail and a new team emerged into the lunchtime sunlight, blinking and unsteady on its legs but alive and indeed kicking.

A flurry of e-mails between the remaining squad members early Friday morning had been enough to organise the troops and a healthy squad of 8 turned up including the nearly forgotten man of the Kickers story – welcome back Wayne Thompson. Press-ganged into service by elder brother Gary, Wayne planted himself as only he can firmly between the sticks as replacement keeper for the missing Ned Kelly.

Synchronised subs – the Kickers subs bench spell out Tony Ward’s age

There was even a quick discussion about formation and tactics before kick off and a rolling substitution policy was agreed – and  – unlike the current government – there was to be no U-turn on this with all 8 players getting some serious game time under their belts.

This week’s opposition were the mysterious Bosman Utd – who they? Details were sketchy but their pre-match warm-up had that tell-tale whiff of a hastily formed unit with little cohesion but wayward passes a-plenty. Good ho! The Kickers on the other hand, with Paul Chin able to complete a full match this week and Paul Andrews returning, had a palpable odour of verve, nerve and purpose.

The early exchanges only served to confirm this with the Kickers well on top. Mike Ewen met a cross full on the forehead but somehow managed to plant it wide of the upright when it seemed easier to score (a case of too much time to think about it no doubt Mike).

However, it was no surprise that when the breakthrough finally came it was from the boot of last year’s top scorer Andy Hoole who smacked a Paul Chin cross into the back of the Bosman net just before the break.

Half-time: The Kickers 1-0 Bosman Utd

Jean-Marc Bosman tips the scales of justice

The Kickers collective were not to be derailed by the usual second half collapse- a fine Paul Chin pass released the free-running Andy Hoole who skipped past the onrushing keeper and slid a cool finish into the net. The game was up for the Bosmans and the Kickers were able to see the match out without the need for recourse to the European Court of Justice.

And so onto the next chapter of the Kickers story….

Full-time: The Kickers 2-0 Bosman Utd

How they performed:

Wayne Thompson – Mr Clean Sheet  – Returned to the fold with a dazzling performance of solidity 7/10

Gary Thompson – Mr Ronseal  – Does exactly what it says on the tin – no composure but guaranteed to hoof the ball skywards every time. 6/10

Richard Bayliss – Mr Bean – says very little and makes the most mundane of tasks (such as passing the ball) look absurd. 6/10

Paul Chin – Mr Assist -created both goals for Andy Hoole. A pass master. 8/10

Paul Andrews – Mr Spock – unflappable in possession and logical in his distribution –7/10

Andy Hoole – Mr Right – Right place, right time, right finish 8/10

Aaron Barwick – Mr T – Easily angered to the point of rage by his team-mates shortcomings – 7/10

Mike Ewen – Mr Ed – The talking horse? Mike’s a donkey surely? I thank you. 6/10

STOP PRESS! He’s back! Gary Moore has confirmed he will carry on as manager of The Kickers but in a non-playing capacity. Welcome back boss!

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