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May 24, 2012, 7:56 pm
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This is not a wind up dear reader – Gary Moore has gone. It is the end of an era.

Following the Kickers abject 4-1 defeat last Friday to the Sports Centre team, Gary circulated a rather formal e-mail to the squad informing them of his decision to step down not just as manager but as player also.

Unlucky Rio – you got ditched from the England squad for the perpetually disgraced John Terry

The lads responded with incredulity  – surely this was some sort of lame, Rio Ferdinand style attempt at merking – Gary wouldn’t do this – he couldn’t  – could he?

Well he has – and unlike Didier Drogba who will be leaving Chelsea at the very top – Gary has gone with a whimper. An anonymous showing in his last match for The Kickers followed by that curt e-mail. Say it isn’t so Gary….

This bombshell news has overshadowed the abysmal start to the season made by The Kickers  – played 2 , lost 2, goals scored 1,  goals conceded 5 are the sorry stats for this shower so far.

Yet it all started so well. One nil up at half-time thanks to a deflected Aaron Barwick strike, the team simply fell apart in the most alarming fashion after the interval. Playmaker and this season’s newly voted -in skipper Paul “Skills” Chin did one at half time  – the usual guff about meetings – and in his absence his team-mates simply imploded.

GET IN!!!!! Drogba turns up trumps once more for Chelsea in a cup final and Spurs loving Big Al Hewett can’t believe it

Taking advantage of a there being two subs available, the Kickers players were asking to be subbed with more regularity than a Didier Drogba cup final goal. Those remaining on the pitch seemed completely clueless as to which position they were meant to be playing in. The Sports Centre team simply picked them off at will running in 4 goals without reply in a crazy 10 minute spell. An apoplectic Aaron Barwick was as angry with his team-mates as man with a fork in a world of soup.

Oi! JT! This is how you do it – look and learn

Some of the hapless fools seemed to have no place at all on a football pitch – bit like John Terry on Sat night (despite his trying to sneak into the after-match celebrations in full kit ). Didn’t it remind you of that bloke who sneaked into that Man Utd line-up photo all those years ago?

So where do The Kickers go from here? Will a Robbie Di Matteo figure emerge from the shadows to lead them to unforseen glory? Or will it be more like Wolves caretaker manager Terry Connor who was as much use as a Bayern Munich victory parade booking.

The elephant in the room of course is that lingering question – why? (and indeed why now?)….we may never know….

For the record….

Gary Moore’s AS Kickers career (2009-2012)

  • Appearances: 19
  • Goals: 7
  • Highlight: Hat-trick v Union All Stars 2009
  • Lowlight: Disgraceful waist high two-footed lunge v HUBS Feb 2010
  • Honours: 2nd place finish 2010-2011

Gary (red top) in happier times last season – gone but not forgotten

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