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The Kickers 2010/11 Season Review
July 24, 2011, 4:54 pm
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THE PLAYERS           


Another striker turned goalkeeper - one Luis Suarez - his Mum must be so proud


Position: Goalkeeper/ Manager


League: 11; Friendlies: 2

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 2

Average rating: 7.6

The verdict: Vindication is the word that sums up Gary’s season. After last year’s poor strike rate, the gaffer resolved to keep goal rather than keep missing the goal this time around and it proved to be  a masterstroke. Some fine performances and top drawer saves littered Gary’s highlights reel culminating in the save of the season in the last seconds of the last game that secured 2nd spot. The question is what will Moore do next year? Stick (goalie) or twist (and shout) to be let out up front?

Gaz makes the headlines again - for all the wrong reasons


Position: Defender


League: 11; Friendlies: 2

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 6.5

The verdict: Without doubt the Kickers player to receive the most coverage in the blog this season – so many words, so little ability. Gaz was also the least injured Kickers player this year missing just one game all season and ironically that was a pre-emptive strike to ensure he didn’t injure himself ahead of  taking part in a charity bike ride (what a guy!). Gary supplied soo much  material for the blog this year and was always on hand to cure any writer’s block. What to write this week? Simple- just re-hash last week’s panning of Gary T. Last week he was a bufoon, this week he’s an anonymous clown – it really was that easy and for that Dickiebliss thanks Gary from the bottom of his callous, cold heart.

As a mark of his gratitude and in an uncharacteristic moment of compassion, this blogger did vote for Gary in the Player of the Season poll (his only vote of course). Bizarrely, Gary has been putting in some storming performances every Tuesday lunchtime during the close season  – so much so that Dickiebliss may need a new fall guy next year. What’s the name of Gary’s brother again? Ah yes…….

This is what happens when footballers try to ride bikes. Don't try this at home kids - nor you Wayne!


Position: Defender/Reserve Goalkeeper


League: 5; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 6.33

The verdict: A curious season for Wayne who seemed strangely reluctant to commit himself fully to the cause.  Appearances were sporadic, sometimes in defence sometimes as keeper but at no time were they particularly convincing. Injuries, a slavish (some may say freakish) devotion to the art of body-building and even the afore-mentioned charity bike-ride were offered as mitigating circumstances for Wayne’s malaise. However, the cold, harsh truth of the matter is that Wayne was outshone by big brother Gary this year, if not performance-wise then certainly in the amount of column inches devoted to him by this blogger and that’s gotta hurt.

Robbie does his usual "gurning as entertainment" routine. Is it me or does he look like Gareth Bale here?


Position: We were never quite sure


League: 2; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 6.67

The verdict: Returned to the fold after a year long absence but never really settled and binned off the whole bally show as a bad idea after only a few games. What is it they say about never going back to the scene of earlier triumphs as its never the same the second time around? The exception to this rule is of course Robbie Williams who is raking it in with his reunion tour with Take That. John’s return was less Take That and more 5ive who also reformed this year and similarly nobody noticed.

This is a very young Simon Cowell apparently - or is it Richard Bayliss circa 1986 - the hairs' the same


Position: Defender / Assistant Manager


League: 3; Friendlies: 2

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 6

The verdict: His season decimated by a serious cartilage tear injury (it WAS serious! He had an operation with general anaesthetic and everything!), Bayliss found employment as Assistant Manager before returning to the playing field for the last 2 games to help secure that historic 2nd place.

His time as Assistant Manager wasn’t without problems – he took more time pondering his starting line-ups than Simon Cowell took to reveal the Judges panel for the next series of X Factor. In the end he went for an ageing drama queen original, a re-born tubster with a cream cake addiction and two women nobody has heard of. That’s the X Factor judges obviously not The Kickers…or is it?

No he isn't


Position: Defender


League: 0; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 0

                                                                             Man of the Match Awards: 0

                                                                            Average rating: 6

The verdict: Was it possible to become a Kickers legend after just one match? To make such an impression that it left an indelible image in your memory? To perform so heroically that you would be talked about in hushed tones of reverence for years to come. No it wasn’t…he was OK though.

Tony Ward's style icon Edgar Davids. Yes Tony looks as big a prat in his goggles too.


Position: Defender


League games: 9 ; Friendlies: 2

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 2

Average rating: 7

The verdict: The machine that is Tony Ward continues to function without needing to call the repair man out. An impressive tally of appearances was backed up by two MotM awards and the Manager’s Most Improved Player of the Year gong come season end. Indeed, such was the glut of prizes that came his way, the ever popular veteran has given serious consideration to changing his name to Tony A.Ward.

Always thinking about ways to prolong his playing career, Tone has recently invested in a pair of Edgar Davids style sports goggles so that he can play without his specs. They look ridiculous of course, but Tony swears by them, their only fault being their tendency to steam up after 20 minutes. Who said The Kickers weren’t hot stuff?

White is the colour. Ravanelli does his best John Kelly impression


Position: Defender


League games: 2 ; Friendlies: 0

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 7

The verdict: Brought in as the season turned the bend into the final straight, old timer John was an unknown quantity but soon proved his worth with 2 very solid performances at the back. Provided a reassuring presence as the nerves started to shred as 2nd place was in the balance. Indeed, some may say he was the Kickers (grand) father figure in those final two games . While his distinctive white hair drew comparisons with Fabrizio “The White Feather” Ravanelli, there was nothing cowardly about John’s displays. Looks like Gary Moore has unearthed a useful addition to the squad.

Frank and Christine make a lovely couple don't they? Still not as cute as Big Al and Nigel Cass though


Position: Utility


League games: 4 ; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 3

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 7.5

The verdict: Yet another Kickers star cut down in his prime by injury – Big Al started the season like an express train combining endless energy and enthusiasm with a new and precious commodity  – goals (remember them Mr Torres?).  3 in his first 4 games, including a superb last minute equaliser against eventual champions SHES Electric, had manager Gary Moore briefly thinking he’d found the new Frank Lampard. Sadly, like Super Frankie, Al also succumbed to a stomach muscle injury and ended up missing the rest of the season. Unlike Frank, Al didn’t have TV stunner Christine Bleakley to comfort him and had to make do with an after match rub down from close pal and team-mate Nigel Cass.

Andy T executes another perfectly legal challenge


Position: Utility


League games: 10; Friendlies:1

Goals: 1

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 6.75

The verdict: Very consistent season from t’other Thompson with Andy racking up an impressive number of appearances and even chalking up his very first Kickers goal to boot. However, Andy also began to build a reputation as the team’s “hard man” which occasionally got him into a spot of bother with the opposition who took exception to his touch tackling and take -no -prisoners attitude. This culminated in the infamous Battle of Inglemire Lane game against IECS HIFI when Andy’s ..ahem…robust style caused one opposition player to storm off in a huff and refuse to play anymore on the same pitch as him. Pah…Big girl’s blouse eh Andy? You’ll do for Dickiebliss!

Owen Hargreaves at the gym - bit more to the right and fire! Bullseye!


Position: Midfield


League games: 1 ; Friendlies: 0

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 7

The verdict: This year’s “whatever happened to…?” story. Planet football turns on its axis pretty quickly and if you’re not careful you can easily fall off which is exactly what happened to Nige this season. One moment he was there plying his usual unique brand of talking you into a stupor before nutmegging you, the next he was gone  – struck down by a nasty dose of bunions – as redundant as C90 cass-ettes and Owen Hargreaves.

Will we see Nigel again? Stranger things have happened – Liverpool paying £20 million quid for Stewart Downing for one. Maybe he could follow Mr Hargreaves lead and post a video of himself down the gym on Youtube to prove his fitness as a way of convincing Gary Moore to let him back in the team? This obviously relies on Nigel knowing where and indeed what the gym is. Ask Wayne Thompson Nige – he’s a right gym nutter.

Paul juggles with his balls - oh... make your own joke up then!


Position: Midfield


League: 2; Friendlies: 0

Goals: 1

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 7

The verdict: The Chinster was another whose season was truncated by injury. Had he been available for more games who knows -maybe The Kickers could have seriously challenged for the title. A veteran of the local football scene for the last decade, the amount of clubs Paul has turned out for outnumber the amount of second chances our Cheryl has given Ashley Cole. The possessor of a lovely touch on the ball and that Maldini shirt, Paul apparently scored one of the goals of the season v Union All Stars but unfortunately Dickiebliss was away that day and the goal did not get the write up it deserved.

Better late than never… Paul dribbled his way past the entire opposition twice before performing a 10 minute ball-juggling routine and then fired an unstoppable volley into the top corner whilst blindfolded and giving Andy Hoole a piggy-back ride. That do you Paul?

Luka Modric: He's a Premiership footballer you know...no really girls he is....


Position: Forward


League: 11; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 2

Man of the Match Awards: 2

Average rating: 8.2

The verdict: Last year the end of season review pondered what would have happened had Paul stayed fit for more than the 5 appearances he made before a season-ending injury stopped him in his tracks. Here’s the answer – Paul missed just one league game and was a model of consistency finishing top of the heap to claim the Dickiebliss Sports Writer of the Year Award with the best average mark of all the squad. Paul was one of the main reasons that The Kickers claimed their best ever league finish with some wonderful exhibitions of passing and movement, often dictating the play in the middle of the park.

If Paul is being honest with himself, he would admit his goal tally was a little disappointing given his ability but then Luka Modric only scored 4 goals for in 43 appearances for Spurs last season and Chelsea will have to spend more than £27 million to buy him this Summer. Luckily for The Kickers, Paul has a bit more loyalty than the Croatian midfielder and manager Gary Moore fully expects Andrews to be a Kickers player next season and has drawn a Daniel Levy style line under the subject.

Wayne Rooney: Is it me or does it just look like someone has varnished his head?


Position: Forward


League: 7; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 4

Man of the Match Awards: 1

Average rating: 7.8

The verdict: After the Lord Mayor’s show is the expression that springs to mind to describe Robert’s season. After being the star of 2009/10, Bob’s performance this time round was ..well…not disappointing exactly – indeed his stats don’t look too shabby at all – it’s just that we have all come to expect so much more from the big man. A bright start to the campaign unfortunately tailed off dramatically with Robert only featuring once in the last 5 matches. Was Robert unnerved by the competition to his crown from the likes of young whippersnappers such as Andy Hoole and Blake Mace? Certainly his place in the team next season is looking as permanent as Wayne Rooney’s new hair transplant.

However, Robert ‘s star quality was in evidence for one of Dickiebliss’s favourite posts this year when his antics in the 4-1 win over Facility Falcons supplied the inspiration for the Camberwick Green blog. The sight of Robert being hit in the head by his own player’s pass causing his specs to be dislodged and halting play temporarily was marvellous. And his goal that day remains the only Kickers goal ever recorded on video footage and not even Andy Hoole can claim that. Life in the old dog yet? Let’s hope so.

Carl's new home - note balloons in place ready for the party to celebrate the fact that it's Carl's day off


Position: Forward


League: 1, Friendlies: 0

Goals: 0

Man of the Match Awards: 0

Average rating: 6

The verdict: Poor Carl was so “last year” this season, losing not only his place on the pitch due to a wince-inducing elbow injury but also his tenure as team heart-throb after being usurped by the much younger wonder-kid Blake Mace. One solitary appearance was all there was to Carl’s 2010/11 and he can currently be found on the service desk in the Brynmor Jones Library telling undergrads how to add credit to their print quotas whilst trying to convince them that he used to be a big star. His future football plans remain unclear.

Blake Mace: so good that they bottled and sold him


Position: Forward


League: 9 ; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 4

Man of the Match Awards: 1

Average rating: 7.67

The verdict: One of the finds of the season, young Blake burst onto the scene early doors with some dynamic performances and also weighed in with some important goals. A calf injury meant he missed 3 games in the middle part of the season and by the time of his return he had been overshadowed somewhat by the colossus that was Andy “Goal Machine” Hoole. However, it was Blake that grabbed some of that limelight back in the very last game when he made his greatest contribution by popping up with the crucial winner that cemented a 2nd place finish. Add to this his new found position as team heart throb and it’s not been a bad first season for the man whose name is only one letter away from being a nutmeg-based spice.

Carlos Tevez: I love Manchester ..apart from the rain, the shops, the restaurants, the accent...


Position: Forward


League: 8; Friendlies: 1

Goals: 11

Man of the Match Awards: 3

Average rating: 7.83

The verdict: The missing piece of the Kickers jigsaw? Finally the team has a genuine, out-and-out goalscorer….and unlike a jigsaw, this guy never goes to pieces in the box. Andy turned up halfway through the season and brought with him a veritable sackful of goals. 11 in all competitions, including two (yes TWO) hat-tricks, Andy rightfully cleaned up at the end of season awards ceremony (alongside Paul Andrews).

Even when presented with just a half chance of scoring, there’s less of a chance of Andy missing than there is of Carlos Tevez being offered a job with the City of Manchester Tourist Board and it’s that quality that means Andy could be the man to lead The Kickers to even greater glories next year.


Ouch! Bye Bye Carl, Hello Blake - a heart-throb coup is upon us

The Kickers 2-2 SHES Electric

Friday 19 Nov 2010

Match Report: The first league fixture after the previous week’s classy 2-0 win in a freindly versus IECS HIFI FC…and what a start to the campaign with more incident and controversy than an episode of Geordie Shores! Injuries to both Blake Mace and Carl Barrow (Carl’s being season-ending), a dramatic late equaliser from Alan Hewett and the first ever appearance of footage of The Kickers in action on the blog (heady times indeed).

The battle to be team heart-throb was won by default by Blake Mace with the retirement of previous incumbent Carl Barrow following a serious elbow injury ensuring a lengthy supply of quips aimed in Blake’s direction over the coming months from Dickiebliss. A very worthy point against a team that would go onto run away with the league was secured by a late save by Gary Moore  – Gary would top-and-tail his season with a similarly crucial save against the same opponents in the final minute of the season.

Goalscorers: Alan Hewett, Robert Sherratt

Man of the Match: Gary Moore

Didier Drogba gets a case of the IECS HIFI blues and refuses to accept the full time whistle

The Kickers 3-1 IECS HIFI FC

Friday 26 Nov 2010

Match Report: The fixture that saw Richard Bayliss promoted to Assistant Manager for the first time and he presided over a fine win in a bad-tempered affair. An already hostile atmosphere between two teams that really don’t like each other that much was ignited by the robust playing style of Andy Thompson who, much like David Cameron in the phone hacking/Andy Coulson affair, steadfastly refused to apologise for anything he had or indeed hadn’t done. Bayliss took the 5th by subbing Andy but not before one IECS player had stormed off in a huff after yet another crunching Thompson tackle.

Click below to see previously unseen footage of the incident

There was even time (or not as the case may be) for an argument about when the final whistle should blow with one IECS player accusing timekeeper Bayliss of cutting the game short by 2 minutes. An ugly end to a game that had previously been decorated by some beautiful play from The Kickers including some handsome goals. Two games in and two great performances and results. The mood in the camp was higher than Jedward’s hair styles.

Goalscorers: Robert Sherratt, Blake Mace, Andy Thompson

Man of the Match: Blake Mace

Champions League Final night and little boy lost Fergie looks for a hole to jump in. Will you get one more chance at winning it Alex "afore ye go"?

The  Kickers 2-3 Facility Falcons

Friday 21 Jan 2011

Match Report: A second consecutive game in charge for Assistant Manager Bayliss but this one fails to go to plan as his Kickers side are undone by the one-man show that is Faz.  A 1-0 lead courtesy of Blake Mace was quickly blasted out of the water by the behemoth Facilities star who scored a hat-trick to see off a brave performance by the lads.

It could have all been so different – the woodwork was hit twice by Mace and then Alan Hewett  – but in truth the boys were given a Barcelona style chasing and a bereft Bayliss was left with a face as red as Fergie’s  on Champions League final night at the end… unlike Fergie, Richard’s was red with embarrassment rather than yet another night on the Scotch.

Goalscorers: Blake Mace, Alan Hewett

Man of the Match: Paul Andrews

The stats don't lie - and yet they don't always tell the truth. Despite no shots on goal, Arsenal did score in this game - an own goal from a corner - more than The Kickers managed though

The Kickers 0-1 HUU All Stars

Friday 28 Jan 2011

Match Report: With Dickiebliss away on a  therapeutic retreat learning how to write less derogatory things about Gary Thompson, there was no published match report and precious few details forthcoming about what actually happened here. There were rumblings about how The Kickers had laid siege to the opposition’s goal and had somehow managed to clock up in excess of 30 goal attempts without getting one in the onion bag. The All Stars then threw a sucker punch by somehow scoring with their one and only shot of the game. It all sounds a bit too convenient to this blogger – the harsh truth was that their early season form was deserting them and that someone needed to do something about it….

Goalscorer: N/A

Man of the Match: Not awarded

Thankfully Bayliss finally draws a line under his attempts at exhibitionism and does a runner for the changing rooms

The Kickers 4-0 HUU Allstars

Friday 4 mar 2011

Match Report: …and here is that person. Andy ‘Goal Machine’ Hoole . Andy was the star in the biggest ever Kickers win was achieved despite the dirty tricks of the opposition who turned up with a crowd of female supporters. It was a blatant attempt to unnerve the lads who were unused to performing in front of a throng of raucous, baying women wanting to see some legs  – well they’re hardly Take That are they?

A fine hat-trick from Andy Hoole (only the second in Kickers history) and a bizarre selection nuance that saw only players called  Paul, Andy or Gary in the starting line-up were the abiding memories of this match. That and Bayliss’s pasty looking legs which a frankly overly dramatic support bandage only served to bring more attention to. Exhibitionist!

Goalscorers: Andy Hoole (3), Paul Andrews

Man of the Match: Andy Hoole

The Kickers 0-2 SHES Electric

Friday 11 Mar 2011

Match Report: Once again, Dickiebliss was away for this one so no match report was forthcoming. By all accounts it was a creditable performance by the boys against the eventual champions. The fact that this was to be The Kickers biggest defeat of the season shows how far they had come since as recent a time as 2009 when 0-7 and 0-6 defeats to IECS HIFI and SHES respectively were sustained. That said, it was a 3rd defeat in 4 outings for the team and the trend needed to be reversed ASAP. It was a watershed moment in the team’s season but fear not Kickers fans – the return of the feel-good factor was just a week away.

Goalscorer: N/A

Man of the Match: Not awarded

Sadly, most of The Kickers squad are old enough to know what this means!

The Kickers 3-0 HUU Allstars

Friday 18 Mar 2011

Match Report: With Dickiebliss still recuperating after minor surgery (a humour by-pass apparently if some of the recent blogs were anything to go by), there was once again no official report on this fabulous win but the snippets that came back from the front line confirmed that this was as comfortable as the scoreline suggests.

Andy Hoole was back amongst the goals, and there was a second in 3 games for Paul Andrews but the crowning glory was a sumptuous strike from Paul “The Chinster” Chin who apparently
curled one in from a full 45 yards out (which on the 3G pitch means he must have hit it from a starting position on the tennis courts behind the goals).

Click below to see the greatest long range goal ever …even better than Paul’s? Chinny Reckon!

Goalscorers: Andy Hoole, Paul Andrews, Paul Chin

Man of the Match: Not awarded

FIGHT!!!! My money's on Faz all day long

The Kickers 2-1 Facility Falcons

Friday 1 Apr 2011

Match Report: A second win on the spin was not achieved without a huge controversy. Trailing 2-1 to goals from a back-from-injury Blake Mace and yet another from in-form Paul Andrews, the Falcons thought they had equalised when a rebound was converted from point blank range. However, all Hell was unleashed in the aftermath as The Kickers, led by a fuming Gary Moore, cried foul – it had been put in by the player’s hand. HANDBALL!

Finally the Falcons goalkeeper restored the peace by declaring, just so the game could carry on, that the Kickers could have a free-kick and the goal was disallowed. It was an act of sportsmanship that would prove to be crucial when the points were totted up come season’s end. Not for the first time, the Kickers had been involved in a bad-tempered affair – and off the pitch they’re such nice guys too!

Goalscorers: Blake Mace, Paul Andrews

Man of the Match: Tony Ward

GET IN!! Beyonce's goal celebration was pretty impressive

The Kickers 0-1 IECS HIFI FC

Friday 8 Apr 2011

Match Report: This was a more frustrating experience than trying to find a clean toilet at Glastonbury – despite lots of possession The Kickers good run of form came to an end against IECS HIFI whom secured a 1-0 win with a breakaway first half goal. It was harsh on the players especially MotM Paul Andrews and Andy Thompson who both put in shifts of gargantuan proportions in an attempt to extract something from the game…..and it so very nearly worked. Andy T smacked the post with a half volley and Paul created chance after chance for strike partner Andy Hoole all of which were spurned.

The fact that The Kickers had lost to their deadly rivals made the whole thing even more annoying than Beyonce continually referring to Glastonbury as “Glaston-Berry” when talking to this year’s festival crowd. Still, had the team displayed just an eighth of Beyonce’s moves that day they would have run out comfortable winners.

Goalscorers: N/A

Man of the Match: Paul Andrews

Legendary names from your childhood - they trip off the tongue a bit easier than Thompson, Thompson, Andy Thompson, Sherratt, Andrews, Hoole don't they?

The Kickers 4-1 Facility Falcons

Friday 15th Apr 2011

Match Report: Dickiebliss’s favourite match and indeed blog of the season thanks to one man’s performance….and unbelievably I don’t mean hat-trick hero Andy Hoole. Step forward Robert Sherratt who provided one goal and two farcical moments of comedy gold which helped provide the content for the Camberwick Green themed blog that week. It was to be top man Robert’s last appearance of the season and he went out with a bang….quite literally as it transpired ….a bang to the head when a loose pass hit him on the noggin causing his specs to fall off. He’d already smacked a shot into Paul Chin’s unmentionables moments before. Slapstick football at it’s best. The only disappointment was the penalty conceded by perennial  fall guy Gary Thompson that led to the Falcons goal. But it was the Kickers that had the last laugh in this one.

Goalscorers: Andy Hoole (3), Robert Sherratt

Man of the Match: Robert Sherratt

"It's up for grabs now! " May 1989 and another last minute winner becomes legend. Unlike Liverpool, The Kickers still had one more shot at glory though

The  Kickers 2 v 3 IECS HIFI FC

Friday 6 May 2011

Match Report: This was The Kickers first attempt at securing 2nd place in the league. All they needed was a point. A beautiful Andy Hoole opener was cancelled out by two HIFI goals that arose from sloppy defending and a Wayne Thompson goalkeeping malfunction. 1-2 down at the break, yet another Hoole goal created by fine support play from an outfield Gary Moore and Paul Andrews meant 2nd place was on.

Until….30 seconds (yes 30 seconds!) from the end and The Kickers went down to the scrappiest of goals  – a glancing deflection from Wayne’s ample backside after he was pushed in the box meant the runners -up spot would have to wait….but not for long…

Goalscorer: Andy Hoole (2)

Man of the Match: Andy Hoole

You don't need me to provide a caption for this iconic picture do you?

The Kickers 1 v 0 SHES Electric

Friday 13 May 2011

Match Report: …and so to the final match and what a fitting finale it proved to be. Only a win would now guarantee 2nd place and it was to be against the Champions SHES Electric. With no Andy Hoole, the responsibility for goals fell squarely on the shoulders of Paul Andrews and Blake Mace and it was the latter who staked his claim for immortality by producing the only goal of the game. Having already spurned a number of chances early on, the diminutive striker came up trumps with a wonderful angled drive to take the Kickers to the brink of 2nd place. There was still time for dramatic last minute action when a superb save from Gary Moore finally secured glory for his team. At last it was all over…The Kickers had triumphed and the curtain was brought down on a season of goals, glory, set-backs and most of all… blogs.

Ladies and gentlemen…Dickiebliss has left the building….

Goalscorer: Blake Mace

Man of the Match: Gary Moore/Tony Ward

The last word

But just before he goes…one last comment.

What a season! As David Coleman would say “Quite remarkable!” Our best ever performance and that’s official. This humble blogger would like to thank everyone who has made this season so memorable. However many games you played or didn’t play (Robert Sherratt!), a heartfelt thanks goes out to you all for reading the blog and taking all the stick in the spirit it was intended.

The Kickers Stats 2010/11

 Most league appearances:

  • Paul Andrews: 11
  • Gary Moore: 11
  • Gary Thompson: 11

Most Man of the Match Awards

  1. Andy Hoole: 3
  2. Tony Ward: 2
  3. Gary Moore: 2
  4. Paul Andrews: 2
  5. Blake Mace: 1

Dickiebliss Players Player Award:*

  1. Paul Andrews: 8.2
  2. Andy Hoole: 7.83
  3. Robert Sherratt: 7.8
  4. Blake Mace: 7.67
  5. Gary Moore: 7.60

*Average Marks including friendly matches

 Golden Boot*

  1. Andy Hoole: 11
  2. Blake Mace: 4
  3. Robert Sherratt: 4
  4. Alan Hewett: 3
  5. Paul Andrews: 2
  6. Andy Thompson: 1
  7. Paul Chin: 1
  8. Gary Moore: 0

*including friendly matches

 Goal of the season

Andy Hoole  v IECS HIFI/Blake Mace v SHES Electric (joint)

Players Player of the Year Award

Paul Andrews

Newcomer of the year

Andy Hoole

P 12 W6  D 1 L5  GF 23  GA 15  Pts 19

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